Tue. May 24th, 2022

Norfolk agrees £24 council tax rise to pay for more police

The cost of funding policing in Norfolk is to rise by £24 a year after a plea from its police and crime commissioner.

The Norfolk Police and Crime Panel agreed to increase the policing element of council tax by the maximum amount.

Lorne Green carried out a public consultation asking taxpayers to consider an increase ranging from 15p to 46p per week for more officers.

The Norfolk PCC said it would also be spent on more drones, tasers and number plate recognition techniques.

He said to expect “more technology to make our police force not just greater in numbers but more efficient”.

About 1,100 respondents who took part in the survey said they were prepared to pay more tax in 2019-20, according to Mr Green.

He said that 70% said they were prepared to pay the maximum rise allowed by government of 46p per week (based on an average Band D property tax payer).

Half of the police’s funding comes from central government. Read the full story here: (BBC News)