Police find 80 alligator heads in Perry Barr house

Eighty alligator heads have been found at a Birmingham house during a police search.

Investigators said they suspected the leathery trophies were illegally imported from abroad and then sold on online auction site eBay for a large profit.

A 44-year-old man is being voluntarily interviewed after the discovery at an address in the Perry Barr area.

eBay said it was investigating the case and would take “suitable action”.

Police entered the property by warrant on Thursday morning in an operation conducted under the Control of Trade of Endangered Species Act.

Officers from the West Midlands force worked with the National Wildlife Crime Unit and said the heads had been sold regularly “for some time”.


A spokesperson for eBay said it had blocks in place “to prevent listings which are in breach of our animal and wildlife policy”.

“We are currently investigating this case and suitable action will be taken against the seller in question.”

Source: (BBC News)